Our Review: What You Need to Know about EssayVikings.com Before Making an Order

It’s probably not worth arguing over the merits of using an online essay writing service. It has unique, tailor-made value that each individual can utilize. As a rule, there a number of reasons why someone would hire a professional writing service to help with assignments. The most common are forgetfulness, complicated topics, uninteresting subjects, and poor prioritization. After reading EssayVikings.com reviews, I can state with confidence that these guys really can help.

Top Reasons to Consider

Let’s take a short look at the undeniable advantages of EssayVikings, and the details will become promptly apparent.

  • Opportunity for direct contact with your author.
  • Does not require prepayment – i.e. you can make as many revisions as you need before paying at the end.
  • Each EssayVikings.com review is written by real customers.
  • Numerous payment methods available.
  • Other must have features for any essay service they provide arehat guaranteer high quality work, a complete lack of plagiarism, guaranteed data protection, flexible deadlines, and smart, on-call support.

What I Needed from Them

I decided to let these guys see what they could do with my essay on philosophy since I’m not too inclined towards spatial reasoning. The theme of my essay was “An Application of Kant’s Categorical Imperative in Modern Realities.” Do you have any idea how to even scratch the surface of this topic? Neither do I. Yet I found someone at EssayVikings who can write my essay for me.

Work Process

All you need to provide  is an email address. Next, you will be asked to fill out the standard form and select the author you choose. I went through everything quickly and easily.

This part almost seemed like a joke: – for less than $10, the service will select the author for you. I decided to go with anyone with a rating of 100 percent, myself, and buy pizza with the ten dollars I had saved.

Who Are the Trusted Authors Working for EssayVikings.com?

This point deserves special attention. The site has its own ranking system, which is available to customers from the outset. You can choose an author with a perfect rating to do your work, and sleep peacefully. It’s like you know him “almost in person.” This is convenient since most of the services hide their authors from clients as devils from incense. Moreover, here they assure us that all their authors have Ph.D. degrees at least.


What’s the Cost of This Pleasure?

The minimum bid is $18 per page of text (usually 275 words). This is an average price category, as a number of services start from $6 and go up as high as you’re willing to pay. It’s a pretty reasonable arrangement, last I checked.

Let’s Test the Support

Let’s ask some elementary questions. For example, can I order an essay in other languages than English? While the authors are only certified to work in English, the support team directed us where to go, and works instantaneously.

One More Useful Feature

I found their blog to be quite informative as well. There is a lot of information available essay writing, which can be useful to everyone. I advise you to read it at your leisure.


Overall Impression

The site is simple, understandable and easy to use. The order form is amazingly easy – it’s virtually impossible to make a mistake. The user’s comfort is the top priority here. The support team is always in touch. The design is unobtrusive and non-abrasive to the eyes. In short, the platform stimulates cooperation and gives the impression of absolute reliability, in case you’re wondering “is EssayVikings.com legit?”

Personal Evaluation

My opinion is that the site is definitely worth using. The price may be somewhat high compared to other services. However, it pays off by granting you access to really competent authors and the opportunity to pay for a tip-top final result. I really liked my essay and I really got a feel for the essence! So if my professor decides to ask me a question about my work, I know I can answer it. So try it out for yourself and enrich your life a little!

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